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Professional property assessment.

1 Yearly Annual inspection

  • Check every single unit on the property to see if it is in compliance with the Association Rules and Information handbook.
  • Check each unit for association responsibility repair and replacement items.
  • Check all common areas for repair and replacement issues.
  • Create a list of the items found, both from the unit owner and the association.
  • Ensure compliance with procedures established from the Board.
  • Follow through with all owners to achieve compliance.
  • Follow through with all bidding and repairs for the association to be maintained.
  • Provide monthly update reports for all inspection items.
  • Follow through to completion all items on each list.

Fall inspection

  • Check all units and common area on the property for safety issues.
  • Check all common areas on the property for safety and water infiltration possibilities.
  • Report all finding to the Board.
  • Execute and complete all items found.

Monthly inspections

  • Each manager visits and walks your property.
  • Over see monthly contracts like landscaping, snowplowing, fertilization.
  • Respond to owner items.
  • Ensure compliance with accepted contracts.
  • Report in each Board meeting any findings or issues out of the ordinary.