Building, Grounds, and Financial Management

Condominium & Homeowner Associations

Building & Grounds

Building preventative maintenance and total grounds care.

Property Inspection

Thorough property assessment for repair and replacement to maintain safe environments.

Clerical & Administrative

Ensure your association runs smoothly with full or select services on an a la carte basis.

Financial Services

Ensure financial integrity with the personalized bank account for accuracy, reliability, and review.

Building & Grounds

Our Inspections Ensure Quality Maintenance
Count on the most experienced LMI Group team, a dedicated force that strives to apply the most up-to-date skills and materials to make your property a highly valuable asset. We understand how important it is for our clients to maintain their properties. We will always make sure to deliver outstanding service so you can enjoy each project performed.

Comprehensive Services

We Love What We Do

Building & Grounds

  1. Preventative maintenance inspections
  2. Supervision of association personnel
  3. Inspection of outside contractors
  4. Monitor landscaping, snow removal, fertilization, & rubbish removal
  5. Supervision of pool and pond contractors
  6. Opening and closing of sprinkler systems
  7. Supervise contractor and project management teams

Property Inspections

  1. Check every single unit on the property to see if it is in compliance with the Association Rules and Information handbook.
  2. Check each unit for association responsibility repair and replacement items.
  3. Check all common areas for repair and replacement issues.
  4. Create a list of the items found, both from the unit owner and the association.
  5. Ensure compliance with procedures established by the Board.
  6. Follow through with all owners to achieve compliance.
  7. Follow through with all bidding and repairs for the association to be maintained.
  8. Provide monthly update reports for all inspection items.
  9. Follow through to completion all items on each list.

Clerical & Administrative

  1. Board of directors meeting attendance.
  2. Annual and/or committee meeting attendance.
  3. Agenda preparation.
  4. Annual meeting coordination.
  5. Owner roster maintenance.
  6. Records & file maintenance.
  7. Resale preparation & the processing of transfer information.
  8. Enforcement of declaration and bylaws.
  9. Preparation of a handbook of rules and information.
  10. Rules enforcement.
  11. Newsletter editing, typing, distribution.
  12. Special mailings.
  13. Bid solicitation for large maintenance projects.
  14. Obtain, analyze & present bids to the board.
  15. Legal (attorney) liaison.
  16. Local, state & federal government liaison.
  17. Insurance liaison.
  18. Recording & the processing of work orders.
  19. General correspondence.
  20. 24-hour answering service.
  21. Hiring/terminating/supervision of association personnel.

Financial Services

  1. Monthly maintenance fee billing.
  2. Special assessment billing.
  3. Bill approval and payment.
  4. Process payroll accounting for association personnel.
  5. Monthly financial report preparation.
  6. Assistance in tax return report preparation.
  7. Year-end financial report preparation.
  8. Assistance in annual audit or review.
  9. Budget preparation.
  10. Long-range financial planning.
  11. Assisted collection of delinquent accounts.

You Can Trust Our

Association Financial Management
LMI Group Inc. offers independent accounting firms to review and audit all financial accounts and expenditures to ensure financial integrity. Each association has a unique, personalized bank account for accuracy, reliability, and ready access to association management review of checks, statements, payables, invoices, etc.

LMI Group also provides full service administrative and clerical functions or select services on an a la carte basis.

We are fidelity bond approved and fully insured.

Condominium & HOA's

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